Arthur Piantadosi worked on each of the 88 movies this set represents. With cast members, he shared more than one credit list less often than with the crew. When he did, it was almost as likely to be a name you know as one you don't.

These are the cast members with whom he worked most often. Click a name and for each time they worked together, one image in the set will remain and a few details will reveal themselves.

Dick Winslow George Gaynes Gene Hackman Charles Durning Duke Hobbie Paul Mazursky Elliott Gould Jeffrey Sayre George DeNormand Tom Stewart Scott Brady Vincent Van Lynn Frank Mathias Linda Burton Dyan Cannon Kenner G. Kemp John Furlong Isabel Sanford

Movies: Americathon, The Shootist, The Comic, The Love Machine, Funny Girl, Doctors' Wives, The Wrecking Crew


Movies: Altered States, Tootsie, Nickelodeon, Doctors' Wives, Harry and Walter Go to New York, Marooned


Movies: Cisco Pike, Doctors' Wives, Bite the Bullet, Marooned, Scarecrow


Movies: Tilt, I Walk the Line, Tootsie, Harry and Walter Go to New York, The Pursuit of Happiness


Movies: In Cold Blood, Doctors' Wives, Model Shop, The Love Machine, Marooned


Movies: An Unmarried Woman, Blume in Love, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, History of the World: Part I, Next Stop, Greenwich Village


Movies: Getting Straight, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Capricorn One, Harry and Walter Go to New York