Arthur Piantadosi was my grandfather. I called him Doe. He was a sound engineer. Born in New York and moved out to Los Angeles in 1935, when he was 18. Worked mainly on movies. This project is based on his work.

This began as an attempt to learn web scraping. Starting at his IMDB page, the script I wrote opens the links to each movie in his main filmography section, captures contextual data, then opens the links to the cast and crew of each movie IMDB knows about and pulls in those as well.

But it's incomplete. Necessarily so. IMDB's records are limited. Sound engineers are one of the underappreciated classes of technical contributors to movies. Movie credits used to only list the sound department or the department head rather than the crew members themselves.

This is a project I plan to update later as I find more movies and should I get access to, say, old studio payroll records that show what specifically my grandfather worked on that's not reflected here.

I'd rather love that. Meantime, this is what I can do.